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12 Current Ankara Styles As Ad-ons To Your Wardrobe

12 Current Ankara Styles As Ad-ons To Your Wardrobe

It’s quite easy to find ankara materials for every need when in need to fuse ankara materials in your other fashion items like shoes, bags, hand bands and all. But being current in the ankara trend can be quite a thing not easy to come by, because first you need to know what’s in vogue and also know how to blend the right materials with the modern dressing. So with our [Weekly updated content] on the latest and current ankara styles, you are rest assured to find the fuse and how to style your wardrobe items in the latest ankara styles.

These current ankara styles can fit in for numerous occasions and can be mix matched to give you a much more swish look.

And from our diggings, we found these headline-worthy ankara dresses to inspire your next looks for any event.

Current Ankara Styles – Church Wears 

Stylishly, ankara dresses and fashion items with a layer of ankara materials were used to make hip church outfits that never gave in for boring looks, and for a while, what they have done perfectly is to remodel to chic looks that never stayed out of style and vogue.

Current ankara styles for a classic Monday should come in a hip style that inspires your Monday mood.

current ankara styles

For a dress that should drive away Monday blues, it should be three basic fashion-induced things,

  1. In vogue
  2. Lavish-looking
  3. Provocative and these details are well spelled out in these dresses.

The floral print top and the polka-dotted skirt combine nicely and keep the body skin away from the eyes, enough to be called a work chic cloth.

Current Ankara Styles

Though the skirt length subtly tells what a great leg you have, it’s fine for a work cloth.

Formal work-related events would need a more closed up look. A representation of a typical English look like this would fit in for formal work dresses.

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If you’re in the mood to match an outfit with your shoe color, do away with black, brown or gold-colored heels and wrap your shoes with ankara materials to compliment your looks.

Ever thought of what street styles could become when ankara materials are infused in the designing process, take a cue from this epic street style.

More epic current ankara styles from the lady whose fashions styles are classified as bold and fearless.

Current Ankara Styles

Truly, the year 2020 will be a year of “dress hard or go home” as many fashion icons are trying out more edgy styles with ankara prints on fashion and out-of-fashion-space items.

Velvet + Ankara [Current ankara styles by Chic Ama] –

Not much of a surprise over here seeing Chic Ama take the velvet-ankara thingy to a cooler spot, mixing velvet styles with ankara in a robe inspired outfit.

Current Ankara Styles

A detailed style for a semi-official chic look can only come correct with the wide leg pant of the dress.

Claude Lavie Kameni dared us to point 90 degrees and asked for our attention by donning an ankara dress designed like the eagle ray fish with plunging neckline and some extremely sharp edges.

Current Ankara Styles

This look is so perfect for when attending fashion shows where there’s the need to express and also impress fashion lovers.

For a beach look, white shirts with a plunging neckline to give clear view of the cleavage + a lush mini dress skirt can bring you much tranquil look when out and about with friends on a beach day.

To look snatched and casual, express with fancy ladylike sneakers, gladiator sandals, or choose a style-matching slippers to look off-set.

Get inspired by one of these most current ankara styles for church or ceremonies.

A conventional top + denim or plain skirt, detailed to admiration with a long train and edge designed with white lace to stand the look out from ordinary.

current ankara styles

The strappy heel is a compliment and to give the outfit a fitting look for some sort of dress style for certain events.

Events like child naming ceremony or a mini get together with friends.

One of the party looks of current ankara styles captured on most fashion blogs and IG pages is this signature piece, a one-side strapless ankara suit.

Current Ankara Styles

Being so ultra-modern and ornate in style, you can doll yourself up in this rare piece for award night out, after party times or just for a clique hang out.. For a less serious time.

For current ankara styles for bold and dolly look, we’re bringing this inspiration from Evelyn Addo back because, of course, we love the rhyme and play with chiffon and ankara, and how a mini ball gown was fashioned out from the combination.

Current Ankara Styles

A mama and mini-me dress style can come quite like a perfect play with this piece. Or can be rocked for less formal events, or red carpet moments.

Another fashion worthy look that made our day was this power chic look with its detailed wings.

Current Ankara Styles

This look might not make it as top work outfit for monday, (unless you’re in the entertainment business), but certainly for award nights, red carpet moments and art related event.

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