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5 Pictures Of Anthony Joshua That Proves He’s Ladies’ Smash Dream

5 Pictures Of Anthony Joshua That Proves He’s Ladies’ Smash Dream

Agree with us or not, Anthony Joshua is one of the sexiest male celebrities to spring up from a Nigerian parent. What’s not to love of the heavyweight champ? Killer abs, nice biceps, super cute facial features, a steal-your-girl smile and of course, a $55 million bank account statement to top the cake with icing, so in our own way, this is us listing Anthony Joshua as one of the neck breaker Nigerian celebrities, holding the sexiest men flag.

Did we say Anthony Joshua has a Mr. steal your girl smile? now we have a picture to prove our statement.

Anthony Joshua

While there is a really long queue of women begging to spend a night in his bed, he has been able to share this smile with just a few ladies which one of them is Cuppy, who rumor had it, was in a tight-lipped relationship with Anthony Joshua.

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#GELATO SEASON🍦 @Anthony_Joshua

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Body Work is one hell of a factor if you must make it on the sexiest man’s list, and Anthony Joshua got this ticked off his “to-do” list.

Anthony Joshua

You can’t possibly be a heavyweight champ with poor body structures, canceled biceps, and thighs, so it’s a given detail of Anthony, who is the world’s current heavyweight titleholder.

Rocking the best designer casuals won’t seem far a thing to achieve for Anthony who is 50 million dollars fixed to achieve anything fashion throws at him.

Aside from having what many ladies could consider a hottie body as your chance of getting to their heart, Anthony Joshua would represent fashion categories and this is a must for most ladies.

And when in a tux, he’s a total irresistible charm.

To wrap the entire effort, your connections speak greatly about why you should get a second date with the US open kinda girls, and why you might actually get a “smash” pick over “pass”, and though Anthony Joshua is an A’ list celebrity who match in 2019 was one of the most-watched videos of 2019, he’s got in his circle, a quite number of statements makers like Obama, Thiery Henry, C Ronaldo and more.

So, in the final words, do you think Anthony Joshua is a smash smash for you or a pass pass?

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