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Aso Ebi Styles And Fashion In Nigeria

Aso Ebi Styles And Fashion In Nigeria

Your Guide To Be The Best

What is an Aso Ebi? An Aso Ebi  or Asoebi is a traditional outfit worn in Nigeria and some West African countries that is styled  to have have different designs and colours. This fabric comes in different forms such as Ankara prints, Lace, Wax etc. The Aso Ebi styles are easy and comfortable to pull off when you wear it, it can be styled to a different design from long gown to shot dresses, flared or fitted depends on your choice. You need to know about Aso Ebi fashion in Nigeria and find out why they are such fun to wear.

One thing about Aso Ebi fashion is that they have an element of tradition about them while still being stylish and chic. Nowadays, people are changing Aso Ebi to be a modern style of dresses that is pretty easy to wear and elegant to look at. Actually the Aso Ebi styles are mostly worn during ceremonies, the purpose of this serves as self identification with age mates, family or friends during wedding ceremonies or funerals.

The Aso Ebi styles are easy and comfortable to pull off when you wear it, it can be styled to a different design from long gown to shot dresses, flared or fitted depends on your choice. You need to know about Ankara styles and find out why they are such fun to wear.

If you’re one of those who believe in dressing elegant and chic to parties, then an Aso Ebi style curated by Dresscode World will help you steal the show, here are some of our favourite looks for you to experiment.

Wide Sleeves Aso Ebi Fashion In Nigeria

Aso-Ebi styles

Aso Ebi styles

While the Aso Ebi  can be sewn into a different pattern, it’s quite easy to pick a wide sleeve design with a high collar, this style has been adapted in many ways today. In fact the Aso Ebi with its’ wide sleeves and modified neckline can also be part of the most fashionable style idea that you can wear to a wedding ceremony.

Stylish Outfit Ideas

Aso Ebi styles and fashion

Aso Ebi

While an Aso Ebi is an outfit in Nigeria that is considered a very formal kind of attire, it can be really feminine to look at. By adding a deeper neckline to your gown or top you can be assured that it looks really flattering if you are the type who is slightly top heavy. By making the neckline a bit lower, it can be made to look flattering for those who have a killer curves.

Be Free And Comfortable With Your Outfit

Aso Ebi styles and fashion

One of the best things about the Aso ebi styles is when it’s sewn into a comfortable style. What is there not to like about loose fits that allow your torso and arms to breathe and move about freely. You will find it a blessing to wear this for any occasion, especially where there are plenty of elbow greases and activities that you have to go through.

The Colour of material used adds to the charm

Aso Ebi styles

To show off your voluptuous body, try on  a yellow  colour  paired with a  strap  sandal. To uplift the overall look, pair it up with a a silver clutch.

Nowadays Asoebi dresses and tops are made in different kinds of material and each type of material has its own colour of charm. Lace material can make you look classy and sensational, while an Ankara fabric can make you look casual and chic. An Aso Ebi blouse or dress made into materials that are sheer can look really hot and sexy. AsoEbi designs with lace and embroidery can look elegant and stylish to wear. The orange colour style is exceptional for a wedding guest.

Good News, It Suits All Body Types

Women across the world have body image subjects and this implies that they believe that they do not have the perfect body to wear their favourite dress. This makes them look for a way to ensure that what they believe are the flaws in their body type are hidden. But one this about Aso-Ebi is that, its fit all body types depending on the style, design and the way it is cut. The placement of the waistline, or sleeves is where your designer should concentrate on, this area creates illusion to your body type.

More Outfit Ideas


Start with Aso Ebi Dress, the most popular fashion in Nigeria

If you feel like wearing Aso Ebi skirts and blouse  is a bit over the top, at first try out something simple, there are different styles of dresses you can try if possible with a flared gown or a nicely fitted high slit dress. The green dress on this model is well fitted,  the colour matches her skin tone and the golden clutch add more glamour to her outfit.

Be careful With the Fabric You Choose

Aso-Ebi usually comes in different fabric and colours. To get the best design is the ability for you to pick the best fabric, good quality fabric is advisable in this case. Your fabric determines the beautiful of your style.

If you decide to make a statement (like in a lace dress), keep the rest of your look simple. Just pair with a simple head-tie and easy accessories.
Stylist Tip: To keep this look in a classic way, wear strap sandals or pumps, add a matching clutch to complement your look.

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Body Hugging Dress

Aso Ebi styles and fashion in Nigeria

Aso Ebi styles and fashion in Nigeria

Get classy looks with a body-hugging dress. If you find it simple, why not add a glamorous touch with a  high slit. Pair your outfit with a stylish head-wrар, a strap sandal heels to compliment your look.

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