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Avocado Oil – The Health Benefits Of The Not-so-known Oil

Avocado Oil – The Health Benefits Of The Not-so-known Oil

Have you ever thought about the many uses of avocado oil and avocado fruit aside using its gelly pulp as a replacement for butter, and of course, stoning your man with the seed when he gets your dander up? (oh, we meant no violence).

Oh well, there is more benefit of having this Mexican fruit other than the conventional uses you were taught at home.

The avocado oil is fully present in so many body lotions, hair cream, moisturizers and face cleansers.

SO, Let’s get down to how the oil from avocado can be used as a home treatment for many health-related issues. But before then, let’s look at the ingredients of the oil.

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Avocado Oil Ingredients – Avocado Oil Nutrition

  • Alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E)
  • squalene
  • Lutein
  • Beta-sitosterol
  • Oleic acid (omega 9)

Avocado Oil Benefit For Skin

As A Facial Moisturiser

You can moisturize your face and get a full effect of the act of the ingredients on your skin. You can either go the way of using the already extracted oil which could be bottled in a container for future use.

Or you can peel the back of avocado fruit, whisk the gelly portion and apply on the face overnight and wash off in the morning.

If whisking isn’t your thing, you can rub the pulp on your skin while holding onto the back of the fruit.

Used For Treating Dry Or Inflamed Skin

To soften rough or dry skin, you can apply the scalp on the rough area of your skin. And also, you can mix the avocado pulp with olive oil to get the maximum effect of their natural moisturizers.

Another way to use the ingredients found in the oil from the pulp of avocado fruit is to consume an adequate amount of this fruit daily.

The intake helps reduce anti-aging on the skin.

Does Avocado Oil Help With Wrinkles?

A study tells us that the fact found in the oil of avocado fruit aid in skin elasticity, which is needed to reduce wrinkles on the skin.

And also, the antioxidants found in the oil of the pulp portion of avocado fruits can greatly help in healing psoriasis and lower the risk of acne on the skin.

Avocado Oil Benefits For Hair

Avocado Oil Improves Scalp Health

For a dry scalp, you can benefit greatly from the oil treatment when you apply hot oil avocado on your scalp.

You can get the oil hot by heating 3-5 tablespoon avocado oil into a small glass jar and have the glass jar placed on boiled water.

When the oil is relatively warm, take the warm oil out of the glass jar and apply the oil on your scalp to reduce dandruff and dry skin areas of your scalp.

Is Avocado Oil Good For Your Hair?

The oil is actually a great supplement for hair treatment and growth. The oleic acid and monounsaturated fats contained in the oil are great to strengthen the hair shaft and prevent it from breakage, just like most hair cream would.

Is Avocado Oil Better For You Than Olive Oil?

According to Supper foods profiles,

“Extra virginavocado oil has a monounsaturated fatty acid level of around 72% to 76%, which is even higher than olive oil’s at approximately 67%. It also has less saturated fat, at close to 13%, whereas olive oil is usually listed at 17%.”

These are some of our findings concerning avocado and how its oil is taking care of our health.


There are more uses of the oil from avocado other its direct application on the skin. Using the oil from this Mexican fruit can greatly impact the skin, even without having it applied directly to the skin.

The take-home advice is to consume an adequate amount of avocado fruit, which in turn, says a lot about your general health


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