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Best Dressed Comedians In Nigeria – Humor Meets Fashion

Best Dressed Comedians In Nigeria –  Humor Meets Fashion

Let’s settle this once, and for all.. maybe not for all, because fashion evolves, and the celebrity who’s bagging the “best dressed” today, might turn out to be the most boring of his category when fashion is mentioned. So trying to figure out the best dressed comedians in Nigeria, who could model for fashion houses and designers if their career ever goes south, we will be looking at their street styles, how they rock their formal wears, how they ensemble in native attires, and how casual-looking they can appear to be on a typical Sunday afternoon, etc.

So, let’s dive into the wardrobe structures of our top comedians.

Best Dressed Comedians In Nigeria – Formal Outfits

These funny celebrities who laugh their way to the bank most certainly have a flair for corporate attires for when the need to leave jokes aside and attend to formal matters.

Truly, beneath the usual cracked jokes on stages and skits, is a genuine desire to stun and glam, if they don’t wish it, they wouldn’t be fly-looking at red carpet events.

For formal outfits, we might need to break your heart earlier enough to tell you that AY didn’t make the list even with a portfolio of a business mogul who probably would need more formal attires than others.

We feel we owe this new age comedian the crown as one of the best dressed comedians in Nigeria given his pretty boyness and how he kicks in all shades of colour with his formal wears.

Less funny when seen in suits, cuffs, monks shoes or oxfords.

There’s nothing funny about his dressing, rather he keeps the looks as serious as life itself.

Who do you think we’re talking about, read on to see picture hints.. 😜😜

For best dressed comedians in Nigeria for the native attire category, this particular stand-up and IG comedian who holds it down with filters also keeps a clean sheet for native informal attires for unofficial events.

Topping the likes of Bovi and Basketmouth who takes the lead role for Native attires..

Do you know who this category belong to?.. Read on, we’ve got hints for you to make a perfect guess.

This next category is definitely the toughest one since it plays by no rule. You get honored or kicked out by how well you play around with fashion, mixing it with the street’s nature and allowing it flow.

And for the Nigerian comedian that locks it pretty down in street style wears, this comedian lets his well of wealth decide how flashy his outfits should be.

From Designer kicks, to pretty colorful shirts that compliments his skin color. This is one of the richest comedians in Nigeria, so it’s safe to say that he could afford to over splurge on designer wears and still joke around.

For Casual styles, we couldn’t decide who would take the throne for casual wears that expresses much more deeper connection to fashion. These duo maintains a level of casual outfits across boards, mostly captured around rocking simple but designer wears like flipflops, t-shirts, ripped pants and other items that allows complete expression of self and comfort.

No we’re leaving you to guess who owns these spots, from the formal looks, to informal looks on native attires, down to casual wears and street styles, let us know if you can identify these best dressed comedians in Nigeria according to how we’ve ranked it.

Best Dressed Comedians In Nigeria

Not to say that we can’t find other best dressed comedians in Nigeria, this is our list for second best dressed comedians in Nigeria according to some other categories.

Chief Obi matches quite closely for street styles, most of the times, would out do any comedian for this category. We love how he stays on the edge and tries out so many street dresses occasionally without barrier.

He smartly shifts from casual, to formal, tunes in for native perfectly, and switches back to rugged ripped dresses stylishly.

best dressed comedian in nigeria

It’s pretty the thing to say that he holds it down for most of the categories, so we think he is yet one of the best dressed comedians in Nigeria if you are in talks for a comedian that settles it for all categories combined.

The comedian, Akpororo would come to mind when comedians that dresses casually to full volt is mentioned. Often seen on designer casual outfits and not so dramatic or edgy compared to other Nigerian comedians whose signature styles are combination details and styles.

Best Dressed Comedians In Nigeria

Best Dressed Comedians In Nigeria – Akpororo 

Ushbebe’s fashion style could be categorized as calm and casual, but maintains a bit of street demeanor and interesting native styles sometimes.

Best Dressed Comedians In Nigeria

NOw you have it, the best dressed comedians in Nigeria and categories they quite very well fit in.

Do you think we captured the best fashion finest joke tellers?

Did we omit your favourite rib cracker?

Let us know if the list isn’t complete, but we maintain that some of the categories can’t be replaced with other Nigerian comedians especially the cate for formal attires and all round best fashion stylist.

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