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Face scrubs and exfoliation have become common parts of many peoples skincare routines. This has driven up the demand for facial and full-body scrubs. However, many of the facial scrubs on the market are made with harmful chemicals that end up hurting the skin far more than a lack of exfoliation would. Also, some of these facial scrubs aren’t made with half the organic materials they claim to have been made with.

With this in mind, many people are turning to homemade DIY scrubs in an effort to protect their skin from harmful chemicals. One of the easiest and most popular facial scrubs is the Sugar and honey scrub. It is easy to make and the raw materials can be sourced easily if you don’t have these items at home.

How to Make a DIY Sugar and Honey Facial Scrub

Use the following steps to make the sugar and honey facial scrub.


Put a small quantity of honey into a bowl. Be sure to use original honey.

Add baking sugar to the honey and slowly mix it. The mixture should be thick.

Include a few drops of fresh lemon juice into the mixture.

Test the consistency. It shouldn’t be too thick and neither should it be too runny.

Once the consistency is perfect. Apply on your face and slowly rub in circles.

Clean it out with warm water and wash your face.

Apply coconut oil on your skin to keep it moisturized.

It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to have your very own honey sugar scrub.

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