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Easy Snack: How To Make Coconut Candy

Easy Snack: How To Make Coconut Candy

Simple and easy way to make your coconut candy

Coconut is well known for it numerous uses from oil, soaps, creams, foods etc. You have a whole lot of coconuts in your home but you are tired of the usual coconut oil, coconut rice you make from your coconut ? Ok grab a seat and let make a yummy coconut candy.


~ 1 fresh coconut (with alot of water inside)
~200g icing Sugar (powdered sugar)

Break the coconut, make sure you collect the water. Put the coconut water in a neat bowl, then remove the meat from the shell and grate the meat (edible white part) into small pieces.


Pour the coconut water into the pot. Add icing sugar and stir. Add the tiny coconutspieces and stir again. Add normal water to the same level as the coconut pieces. Cover the pot and set to boil at high heat, once the content start boiling, stir continuously. Reduce to low heat and continue stirring.

At a time, you will notice to contents starts sticking together. That is the super caramelising. Keep stirring till the coconut pieces starts turning slightly brow, turn of the heat and scoop the coconut candy onto a plate and leave to cool. Your yummy coconut candy is ready!!!

Note: The coconut candy will be sticky when cool, so worry less.
Make show you don’t get it burnt, slightly brown is good and can be stored in the fridge for up to a month.
The sugar is to make the candy sweet, but you can reduce the quantity if you want. The pot will be stained from the sugar and might be tough to wash when cool, the best way to wash this off is immediately you are done making the snack.

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