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Fashion And Style: Nigerian Traditional Wears

Fashion And Style: Nigerian Traditional Wears

Fashion and style in Nigeria

Nigerians, probably more than any other African people, like to wear clothes in their traditional fashion and style. If they do not wear the complete traditional look, there will be at least one cultural element in their outfit. These looks are not just for parties and events. They are also great as casual wears. Look around you and you will spot elements of traditional fashion in both male and female outfits

Nigerian traditional wears

Fashion designers in Nigeria, additionally as major manufacturers of materials and ready-made clothes, constantly draw inspiration from traditional kinds of clothing, creating new collections of attires and fabrics. they could make changes to the color combinations and cuts in accordance with the new world fashion trends. Also, famous European and American designers who are known worldwide, continually use traditional African prints and styles in their collections. the easy fact is, only those that don’t forget their past and culture are deserve respect. the newest Ankara fashion designs which will amaze you African style make use of assorted styles of ornaments and embellishments. Either it’s a classic geometric large or small pattern, or a floral design where either the flowers are clearly drawn and other very complicated ornaments may well be used. It all depends on the designer’s level of fantasy and creativity. But if a pattern is little, the colors of the material are basic and conservative. Fabric with an oversized pattern usually are available bright colours.

As for the cut, the casual dress styles usually have a straight or chiseled cut and can be knee-length, with a round or rectangular neckline. And evening attires, as a rule, are long to the ground and narrow or flared at the underside. confine mind, if your fabric has large embellishment, the dress is healthier to stitch straight and narrow. If it’s small, then you’ll be able to choose almost any variant of cut. Latest Adire styles for girls will impress even real fashionistas!

Female native wears Nigerian ladies are very lucky, they will choose different variants of native clothing and appearance gorgeous and classy

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