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Few Things You Don’t Know About Cardi B

Few Things You Don’t Know About Cardi B
Cardi B can flash us with many history about her past life. She likes discussing her issues and often can absolutely go temper without no reason and also loves saying a word ” okurrrr ” which we don’t understand. Well she is jovial and likes playing hilarious things just like Ellen ( Cardi E)

So let’s find out the few things we don’t about know about Cardi B which you are dying to get.

Cardi had explored to many bad feeling in her past life and really love sharing most of the things.

     Where she was raised

She was born October 11, 1992 ( 27yrs) Her full name is Belcalis Almanzer and raised in South Bronx. Her mom is from Trinidad and dad is from Dominican republic. She said she has confident while growing up but things weren’t easy as you seen.

Experience on hard life

Cardi B once worked as cashier at an Amish market on a salary of 250euro/ week.

She was fired later when she turned nineteen and started stripping according to her manager suggestion. He said ” You are pretty and got a nice body

Many people thought celebrities were born with silver spoon or perhaps they were richly blessed  by God. No, they went under the knife too.

She lied to her mom she was babysitting to pay the bills. ” Those white people are really rich and want me to take care of their kids. Earning $100″

Her mom was like ” gosh”

                  Why stripping?

” I was living with my boyfriend who was beating my ass. Stripping gave me money to leave him”  She said.

She invested the money to start her rapping career.

Plastic surgery

She got her first plastic surgery at nineteen to make money and make her family happy too.

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Cardi B always flaunt her new cars on Instagram. She personally admitted she don’t no how to drive on Instagram live video ” How do you expect me to know how to drive when I’ve taken the train my whole life” She said.

In her past life she absolutely said she don’t have a driving license which is really amusing that makes everyone laugh.


HennessyFew things about Cardi B

Husband and daughter

Offset and kulture.

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