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Home Remedy To Make You 10× Younger

Home Remedy To Make You 10× Younger

Today, dresscodeworld will be sharing an amazing treatment to getting soft, smooth and moisturized skin in just a night. Also, these simple home remedy will make you 10x younger than you can ever imagine.

This Home remedy treatment will lock the moisture in and keep your skin hydrated.

This remedy will help in keeping out the age signs of wrinkles from the skin.

And that is with the use of Vaseline and egg yolk.

Vaseline jelly: Thick texture that is beneficial for the skin because it provides a barrier between the skin and the elements without damaging their health or appearances of the skin. Vaseline jelly used for numerous things.

Egg York: Contains astringent properties which help to shrink the skin and it also reduces sagging skin. Egg yolk helps to firm the skin. It helps to tighten the open and large pores thereby giving a perfect smooth skin.

How to look 10× younger.


1teaspoon of Vaseline

1egg yolk

Firstly, in a clean glass bowl, take 1 teaspoon of Vaseline jelly and 1 egg yolk (yellow part).

Mix them very well and apply this magical treatment on your skin and leave this for it to dry then rinse off after 2-3minutes with lukewarm water.

Repeat this procedure for at least 2times a week and watch your skin look younger than you expected.

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