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How To Dress For Harmattan In 7 Different Styles

How To Dress For Harmattan In 7 Different Styles

Harmattan is by the corner. The swirl of dust hits pretty harder this time and the doctor wind comes with dry air and no humid. But what is for sure is that while this season comes in full swing around the fall of November, ushering in the festive season, we can still dress to swirl head by rocking the fitting outfits for the harmattan season, and this is why we have put together a few words on how to dress for harmattan.

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First off, you need to understand that Harmattan comes with a swing of temperature. It could be pretty cold in the early morning hours, but extremely dry and harsh in the day time.

So for this, do not fall prey to the coolness of the breeze in the morning, dress for the day in fabrics that allow heat in and out of your dress.

And that being said, these are the harmattan-worthy dresses that allow you to stay cool under the harsh weather, and still, don’t look out of fashion.

Tank Tops and denim jeans.

how to dress for harmattan

Tank Tops allows for a comfortable feel with the weather. When out and about, these less informal wears when rocked in hot weather don’t retain heat.

Denim jeans over sweat pants, tracksuits or plain trousers are the best to match with these tops since it can fit in for class times and your body feels the breeze that comes with the day time.

Harsh weather can trap sweat underneath your dresses, and this is why you should ditch your sweaters and thick, shirts till winter.

How To Dress For Harmattan

This is certainly one of the go-to when thinking on how to dress for harmattan.

Short sleeve shirts over dresses with long sleeves won’t keep you uncomfortable when the weather is harsh.

Go for shorts if you can. Shorts can be worn in a hip style for several occasions, especially when you need your skin to get all the breeze it should on a harsh weather day.

how to dress for harmattan (1) how to dress for harmattan (1)

Splurge on these shorts and detail the look with a loafer, clog or slippers if your feet need some air as well.

How To Dress On A Cold Harmattan Day.

Sometimes the sun isn’t that relatively harsh, instead, heavy harmattan breeze takes the day, swirling items off the floor.

In such days, you don’t want to wish you had your gear on. So to prepare for such days and still look dashing in these times of harmattan, go for fashion items that prevent you from intense colds, such as:

  • head warmer
  • Muffling
  • Leather gloves or gloves made of wool.

how to dress for harmattan

These items are quite fashionable when introduced to our everyday outfits, so see it as a double purpose fashion item that will bring you safety and mystique.

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