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I love me!

I love me!

Self love goes more than the usual proclamation of love to one self. It is a process of being comfortable with everything and anything that makes you “You”.


Look inside yourself and recognize that you are called to tell a different story with your life not replicate a life that has already been lived.

Recognize and accept your weaknesses and flaws. Know that you don’t always have to be strong every time. You can have a good cry when things are not going well but always always pull yourself back up together.

Never depend on anyone for your joy and happiness. Be your own joy giver, do things that make you happy don’t wait till you have a partner or till you are in a relationship before you live your life to the fullest.

Take off the negative label plus past that pull you down and put on what God says and knows you are. You are Redeemed, You are Forgiven, You are Blessed, You are Restored, You are Qualified, You are Victorious and above all YOU ARE LOVED!

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