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Latest Ankara Styles 2020

Latest Ankara Styles 2020

Do you think 2019 was the year for fashion and its lovers? Think again because it’s just the early days of 2020 and we’ve seen some of the most awesome latest ankara styles of 2020 and they are nothing short of fab.

From simple ankara dresses to long ankara ball gowns with peplum layers, we are listing for you the ankara fashion 2020.

Long Sleeveless Asymmetric Gown As One Of The Latest Ankara Styles 2020

Latest Ankara Styles 2020

This could be a perfect shot for asoebi styles, female wedding guest wears or naming ceremony.

The risk here is that your shape is purely hidden due to the twist around the waist region.

Rocking these new ankara gown styles is quite an easy thing, match the touch of green with dress accessories of the same color or a bit agreeable colors.

Quarter Length Ankara-Chiffon Gown As One Of The Latest Gown Styles.

Latest Ankara Styles 2020

Quarter Length Ankara Chiffon Gown

Spotting Joselyn Dumas’s ankara gown, we love the fusion of chiffon overlapping the mini skirt with a frontal split.

Side High thigh split fashion style was a big part of 2019 fashion, much of this style and the frontal style will make up the 2020 fashion styles.

Short Twisted Peplum Gown As Latest Ankara Styles 2020

Latest Ankara Styles 2020 (1)

A short twisted peplum ankara

Consider this as one of the simple latest ankara styles 2020 and suiting for a small outing with friends.

This outfit suits beautifully with sandals or heels.

Latest Ankara Styles 2020 – The Classic Ankara Boss Chic Style

2019 ankara styles for boss chics gave in subtle and bold chic ankara look, for formal events, semi-formal and looks of a less strict work environment with a loose fashion code, and in 2020 we are welcoming more of the boss chic dapper look like this sharp-edged latest ovation ankara styles.

We love how the pant cuffs are styled with an elastic material to grip the shin, a fitting style for the strappy heels, plus the half-cut suit style which gave a sleeveless dress style.

Ankara Sleeveless Shirt + A Bum Short Style

The ankara fashion 2020 style will be for the bold and edgy girls, and we think there will be more display of flawless skin. and if you feel the same, then rock this bold look.

Quite simple and sophisticated to blend in together, just key-in into these basic elements to recreate this look.

A plunging sleeveless shirt, a short with a matchy color and sneakers to complement the look for a red carpet show, an evening date or embarking on a trip.

The Eagle Ray Fish Style For Red Carpets

Bringing this latest ankara gown styles 2019 back on the new ankara gown styles of 2020 because of the futuristic style and the daring design from Claude Lavie Kameni, like, who would have thought?

This is a look for a red carpet or fashion shows to outdo and impress for fashion blog headlines.

A similar futuristic style from Aladukeh is the sharp edgy blouse design with an asymmetric layered skirt region which formed the lengthy part of the gown.

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Ankara Trumpet Gowns

Ankara fashion 2020

Trumpet gowns will never go out of style in 2020, but the style will become more Pronounced and styled in more edgy design.

Single cut sleeve

Latest Ankara Styles 2020 (7)

Strapless ankara trumpet gowns


Full Strap Ankara Gowns With Plunging Necklines

..and all is left is to choose the size of your trumpet, layered with peplum style and your best-to-fit neckline.

Choosing your style of ankara is quite a mix of worlds that twin. We have gathered these classic trendy designs, all you need is a good material and a top notch designer whose finishing is sharp.

Latest Ankara Gown Styles 2019

Not to deny that 2019 didn’t sprinkle a bit of its awesomeness in fashion, and spread it to ankara styles, but one thing to take out from some of the latest ankara gown styles 2019 are the styles that came to stay and makeup the Latest Ankara Styles 2020.

Ankara Fashion 2020

Choosing this African print, few things has to be considered and this will help you agree with the print to go with.

One of the many ankara fashion 2020 gown styles is this mini gown ankara dress with its unique style of a knot sleeve with a plunging neckline for ladies who are not shy to let much out.

Latest Ankara Styles 2020

Latest Ankara Styles 2020

Allowing to replace date night’s dress with an african print, this is a good choice of style.

And for complimentary sake, your date could rock a subtle print on his dress, or chose to wear a 100% twin set of your ankara print.

For a fuller look, throw in a same ankara print jacket, with the intention of a boss chic look. Buttoned or hung around the shoulders.

The New Ankara Gown Style – The Mini Ankara Ball Gown With Zigzag Blouse Style

We fell in love with mini ankara gowns with double overlapping layers that form the skirt or the hip region. Plus a ziggy blouse style to let our your cute bellybutton.

Not much of a thing in 2019 but 2020 would see much of this style, and our projection for this these latest ankara styles 2020, this red carpet mini gown ankara style will be styled and rocked without straps, giving more vision to the bust region.

Or one cut sleeve style, for a semi daring look in 2020.

Bringing back this red carpet look to the list of latest ankara styles 2020 for fashion lovers who might be spending time at fashion shows, for this look, there are no such things as the lady’s pant, the jacket is all you need to look bold and ready while your partner returns the favour.

Latest Ankara Styles 2020 (10)

Starting the year wishing to rock the best fitting ankara print style that isn’t left behind in year 2019 can be a hell of a task, but with the right choice of material, a fabulous designer whose finishings are classic, and styles off our list, you can draw up your fashion calendar and look your best when out and about in 2020.

Which of these latest ankara styles 2020 designs is your best?

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