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Meet The Colorful Ruffle-Denced Party Dress Every Classy Chic Is Gushing About

Meet The Colorful Ruffle-Denced Party Dress Every Classy Chic Is Gushing About

Fashion can be crazy and unpredictable. One time everybody would be about fringes and bold chiffon sleeves for party dress made from floaty pressed Organza, next time they are about sunshine dresses denced in generous layers of ruffle.

And this by-the-minute switch is more often seen on the female dress catalog.

But whether it is a gladiator sandals style that has stolen your heart for the weekend, a floaty pressed Organza ruffled party dress or a little bit of shining leather gowns as the edgy and trendy party dress and evening dates, the idea is to light up the boss chic in you, and that’s what the chiffon ruffle party dress is about.

This trendy outfit is made of more than 90% floaty pressed Organza, plisséd to imitate a design inspired by beautiful mushroom folds on the front side of the dress and a Korean or band collar design.

party dress    party dress

The party dress can be rocked with any type of heels that could come to mind. An ankle strap stiletto, gladiator strap stiletto or the rest. And preferably, choose an intimidating length that shows off your knee and thighs.

For the color of the party dress, bright color on dark or bright skin or the alternated color could be more striking for your appearance.

Also, you can go for multiple colored ruffles that match the body of the dress, or that can harmonize the color shades of other ruffles.

Also, for the ruffle, there’s no limit on how it could sit on the dress, drop or be styled.

The trendy sunshine midi party dress go for about $347 in a typical walk-in female dress store and becoming the choice of celebrities around Africa and beyond.

Other accessories that can go perfectly with this plisséd chiffon midi dresses are silver or colored bracelets, headbands for flowing human hairstyle, drop or hoops earrings for that bad girl look, a bucket or minaudiere handbag styles, with an animal skin/leather or fringes to suit the ruffles of the dress.

See pictures of Og Okonkwo and Chioma Goodhair, the designers behind this new trend rocking this midi sunshine x ruffle party dress

party dress

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