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Melanin Popping Body – Female Nigerian Celebrities With Striking Body Colors

It’s not petty to look at some celebrities whose melanin popping body is dripping all over the place, we as well get caught up in the mix, thinking it’s some TV celebrity thing, TV magics and surreal.

But truth is, these celebrities have put in the work to let us know that not just about black skin being a thing, they are more than proud to own it in these days of lowest self-esteem.

So, in celebrating some Nollywood faces whose melanin popping body are front-page mag covers, this is our list.

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Beverly Osu

Melanin Popping Body

Think the dark skin pigment, think Beverly Osu. She wears her skin color much more intensely beautiful and we all love how much her brown skin defines her in a set.

Melanin Popping Body

Her skincare routine might include a dose of shea butter and coconut oil to stay true to her melanin popping body, but never to be seen lightening with skin bleaching creams.

Beverly Naya

Melanin Popping Body

This gorgeous brown skin TV goddess would definitely follow suit on anybody’s list of dark skin queen, or the list of celebrities with melanin popping body.

She proved to us she’s really not the skin coloring type when she started her fifty shades of black campaign against women who can stay comfy in their own skin.

About how she keeps true to her melanin popping body, she shared with Rachel Abiriba of Genevieve Magazine her skin routine, which primarily is a good-enough dose of water, then shea butter or cocoa butter as oil-based products, and as much as she can, stay away from lotions.

Annie Idibia

It’s quite common and widely agreed that Annie is one of the few female Nigerian celebrities who live her skin color 100% without a second thought of toning or diluting her melanin.

She’s one true African Queen, black and beautiful and not just that she stared in what would be one of the most lived Rn’B Nigerian songs, we agree to what her husband chose to call ber, the African queen.

“my beauty lies in the color of my skin”.

Tiwa Savage

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More than ever, Tiwa has seen more of black on black affection and though she’s never chosen to own a black skin, this will never cross her mind now she’s dinning with the likes of Diddy and Jay Z, the A-Lists who think there’s so much to the melanin popping body than just a color.

Melanin Popping Body

To extend how much she’s comfortable in her own skin, Tiwa leaves out much of her melanin popping body on display in music videos, shows and stage performances.

Now, this is black excellence.

Mercy Johnson

Most bleaching and denial of self occurs when you’re pushed beyond your control, and denied what is worthwhile to you because of your skin.

Melanin Popping Body

But Mercy Johnson who experienced denial in getting a role in a movie never bent nor gave in, she still wears her dark skin as much as she loves it, and she never did reconsider her choice.

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