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Nail Care: Never Live With These Healthy Nail-Killer Habits

Nail Care: Never Live With These Healthy Nail-Killer Habits

what does nail care mean to you?

Your fingernails are made of keratin which are laminated layers of a protein, and they grow from the area at the base of the nail right under your cuticle. For healthy nails, they are smooth, with no spot for pits or grooves.

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And most importantly, they stay uniform in color and consistency and they stay free from any sort of discoloration.

Though sometimes, fingernails develop some sort of harmless vertical ridge like forms that run right from the cuticle to the very tip of the nail. And these vertical ridges tend to become more pronounced as you grow. And these nails can develop white lines or dents due to injury, but the good thing is that they eventually leave as the nail grow.

However, to observe a total nail care, reach out to your doctor if any of these arises:

  • When nail color begin to change, or a clear notice of some sort of dark streak underneath the nail.
  • Changes in nail shape, such as curled or bent nails
  • Thinning or thickening of the nails
  • Detachment of the nail from the region of the skin
  • Bleeding around the nails that isn’t caused by an obvious reason
  • Unidentified reason for swelling or pain around the nails
  • Stunted growth of nails, or total failure of nails to grow out

If any of these are observed, reach out to a doctor as soon as possible.

To build a good habit of nail care, do not ever do the following to your nail, or risk losing your nails to dent or diseases.

Biting the finger nails – 

This is the most common bad habit of most people who do not know the consequences of having to bite their nails. You tend to leave your nails in a very bad state, looking chopped and unkempt, instead, to cut your nails, properly do this with a nail clipper.

Pulling your nails off the cuticle – Nails tend to fall off sometimes, leaving you with the temptation to pull the remains off your cuticle. This is a very bad practice as you can rip off live tissue while doing so.

Using a harmful nail remover – acetone-free formula is the right solution for removing nails without the fear of endangering your nail. You leave your nail and skin to damage, when you use formula with acetone present in it.

For proper nail care, grow these two mostly overlook habit to have an all-year round healthy nails for a enhanced look.

  • Never miss using your base coat
  • Use base coat as base coat, and top coat for what it is.

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