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This. Is. How To Help Him Last Longer In Bed – The Four Easy Trick

This. Is. How To Help Him Last Longer In Bed – The Four Easy Trick

Okay okay ladies, let’s talk. If he shows up at a dinner date right in time, then you scored a gent. Do you agree with me? But then, if he arrives soon when you’re the dinner, then you need to read this piece through the end, over and over and learn the tiny helps you need to render to help him last longer in bed.

Consider this a mission to accomplish.

One of the arguments that have stood the test of time, lasted more than some relationships is how long a penetrative bedroom activity should last.

On average, survey said that 7-11 minutes with 1 or 2 half times are not just only long enough to make babies, but long a time enough to feel satisfied.. but if you or your partner still feel a need for dessert after a full course dinner, then you need to apply these 4 easy tricks of how to help him last longer in bed.

1. Take The Wheel 

We mean, literarily, take the wheel if you need to help him last longer in bed. Men tend to reach the finish line way much faster if they are on the giving side feeling all generous. So instead of you laying all positioned to feel every thrust, let him lay while you play the lead role. This will delay in him, all urge to burst quick, while of course, extended time for him means more enjoyed time with you.

NB: at all cost, never let him strike from behind. That’s the 1-2-step for quick arrival and that’s not our mission. capiche?… bene!

2. Use Rubber

Not only is it advised for family planning, survey has it that the pleasure is reduced by 37% which can help him stay on a bit longer than 2 minutes before he lets it all out, this is quite an easy way to help him last longer in bed.

3. What does Foreplaying consist of ?- Try The Squeeze Technique

Food tastes better at a couple of spoons down the mouth, and the bedroom meal follows the same likeness. So the moment things get intense for him and he seems to want to feel it all, to help him last longer in bed, let him out of you and squeeze the head of his rod to reduce the urge to pee it out, advised by sex therapist  Debra Laino, who has a doctorate in human sexuality.

4. Tap Out Of The Fun

Games have time out in between actions, so tapping out to throw in a bit of kissy moments and whispers is a good break strategy to get your man to ease off on the tension.

This is also a time to bond and share an intimate moment.

“Yeah, I’m gonna take my horse to the old town road I’m gonna ride ’til I can’t no more”… hold on a bit, this isn’t time to ride till he bursts in less than 4 minutes, let the horse rest a bit, it’s necessary for a longer intimate time.

Some of the popular questions about the bedroom activity..

How long does the average man last in bed for the first time?

For the very first time, the chances of lasting longer is reduced by prior activities that build-up to the main event. Activities like anxiousness, the mental state of wanting to last long, the length of time stayed without intercourse or any kind, etc.

But when mastered, on average, some men tend to last more than 12 minutes in bed, while some men last a bit longer than that.

What does Foreplaying consist of?

These are a couple of sexual activities before penetrative sex comes to play. Kissing, sharing intimacies, touch and all, consist of the foreplay activities. And not only is it good to grow bonding, it helps ready the lady’s body for intercourse.

Watch this epic guide on how to foreplay.

Now that you have this easy trick to cheat nature and help him last longer in bed, what would you do with this?…

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