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Toni Tones Appeared In 4 Fashionable Times For The Future Awards

Toni Tones Appeared In 4 Fashionable Times For The Future Awards

Toni One Event. One Lady. 4 Outfits. – Toni Tones proved her fashion worthiness and worthy of fashion blog headlines in 4 different daring outfits at the future awards event, because, of course she can and she will.

Toni Tones who happened to be a character in one of the 2018 most buzzed-about movie didn’t only co host the 2019 future awards, she brought her glam and style on stage and left it for us all to droll.

First, she appeared in an off-shoulder high-thigh slit dress, with generous details and a hell of a train, she could circle around and carry her own train.

She rocked this look with a statement emerald earring and remarkably left her hair packed up in a gigantic bun style.

This pretty serves right when your intention is to leave your shoulders out for admiration, you need not a long wavy copper hairstyle that drops on your shoulder.

Going for a red lipstick proved Toni Tones was out to allure her co hosts (Falz the badt guy) and party attendees.

Teni Tones fashion

Her dress featured not only a high thigh slit, but an envy green colour of silk material made into a stunning masterpiece. Train of days indeed.

Toni Tones Second Look Of The Night (time to show off the hot legs).

For the sequel appearance, Toni Tones made a complete swap of her first look with a prom girl look, rocking a skew-whiff blue gown, worthy to be called aligned in fine and style.

Teni Tones fashion

Instead of silver colored heels like her first look, she kept her strap heels blue and her her dress, a lil clinching on her tummy and strapless.

Justifiably living up to the name, “media darling”.

And just like fashion demanded, she gave more visual to her shoulders by going for a fringe packed up in a bun style, to of course, leave her shoulders out in a full clear view.

Toni Tones third look was way less dramatic than the two preceding looms, and also royal to the eyes. Her look was perfected by her dress shimmery studs and a ponytail hairstyle.

Less drama, more royal.

Future Awards  2019

Teni Tones

Though we think that a sequin  gold colored dress, maintaining the hair and her shoes, would have been more in perfecto. (No shades to the designer ).

Her fourth look seemed to be a quick switch back to dress drama styles, donning a long blue gown with puffed sleeves  and neckline that dropped down to give the off-shoulder look.

Toni Tones outfit at the Future Awards Teni Tones at the Future Awards

This was accompanied by her fringe hair packed up in a bun style, and her makeup, moderate and complimentary to her melanin popping skin.

Do you think she’s worth the looks and buzz?

Well, we believe she does, because she doesn’t only represent the media personality cliques but also stands in for fashionistas with pretty close attention for fancy styles.

Which of Toni Tones appearance at the 2019 future awards do you consider daring, decked with drama and styled to allure?


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